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Queen of Reversals Episode Lengkap - Wah sebentar lagi ada sinetron baru di Indosiar, mudah-mudahan ini akan mengobati para pecandu drama korea di Indonesia saat ini. Pengganti drama ini adalah Sungkyunkwan Scandal yang akan segera tayang di Indosiar. Queen of Reversals adalah salah satu Drama Korea terbaru yang bakal tayang di Indosiar. Di Negara asalnya Korea Selatan, drama Queen of Reversals sudah tayang disaluran MBC pada 18 Oktober 2010, hingga 01 Februari 2011 dengan jumlah 31 episode.

Drama Queen of Reversals sendiri dibintangi oleh bintang papan atas Korea Selatan, seperti halnya Kim Nam-Joo, Jeong Jun-Ho, Chae Jung-Ahn, Park Si-Hoo dan Ha You-Mi.

Sekilas sinopsis Queen of Reversals bercerita tentang Hwang Tae Hee yang merupakan anak pengusaha kaya dan merupakan pemimpin tim di tempat kerjanya. Ketika Bong Joon Soo dan Baek Yeo Jin sama-sama bekerja di timnya, mereka saling berebut perhatian Tae Hee. Tae Hee harus bisa mengendalikan situasi antara cinta dan pekerjaan, membantu bosnya dan direktur bagian Goo Yong Shik. Tae Hee tampak sukses dalam cinta tapi, maslaahnya baru muncul dan disadari saat dia menikah.

Queen of Reversals merupakan drama bergenre Romance dan comedy yang diproduseri oleh Choi Yi Sup dan Kim Seung Mo. Sementara dibagian produser, terdiri dari Kim Nam Won dan Jung Dae Yoon.

Profil Para Pemain Queen of Reversals Drama

Nama Deskripsi
Hwang Tae-hee
Hwang Tae-hee
“She gave up her career for love! But she decides that she must succeed in the corporate world in order to protect her family”

With her natural intelligence, she found it easy to navigate through life and avoid pitfalls. She easily gets a coveted job at big firm and earns a big salary!

However, her longtime nemesis Baek Yeo-jin who went to the same high school and college as her and even got hired at the company where she works, is a constant nuisance who pokes her nose into her business! One day she finds out that her very own husband is seeing Baek Yeo-jin behind her back.
Bong Joon-soo
Bong Joon-soo
“A man who wanted to be rescued by a woman and live a cushy life! He chose the wrong queen!” He is a highly sought bachelor who grew up comfortably and was doted upon by his parents. His good looks make him popular with the girls!

He falls in love with Yeo-jin at first sight and professes his undying devotion to her. But she turns him down when he asks her out and this leads him to marry Tae-hee, whom he is aware is an enemy of Yeo-jin.

At first, he thought Tae-hee would make the perfect wife and their marriage would be great but five years into their marriage, he deeply regrets marrying her.
Baek Yeo-jin
Baek Yeo-jin
People who know her call her a “fox,” and she’s quite clever and cunning to boot. Her mother was a mistress of a wealthy man and she was the lovechild born from that relationship. She never met her father and doesn’t even know his name. This instills her with deep inferiority issues, making her extremely competitive in whatever she does. Yet, she could never beat Tae-hee in school exams.

So she got revenge by always stealing any guys that Tae-hee dated, and yet that still was not enough to quell her animosity towards Tae-hee.

She even applied for a job at the company where Tae-hee was working to make her life miserable. Joon-soo turns out to be a special friend who is utterly devoted to her.
Koo Yong-shik
Koo Yong-shik
“Conceited and arrogant son of the chairman! He arrived at the company to cut jobs but finds himself the self-anointed leader of a bunch of losers!”

Growing up as the son of a successful businessman, he spends years going back and forth from American schools to Korean schools since he was a young kid. Finding it hard to adapt to life in America, he returns to Korea at last. But he has identity issues as he is neither a white American nor is he completely Korean in terms of his cultural tendencies. He develops a renegade attitude and creates problems due to his rebellious behavior.

He has a habit of telling flat jokes to defuse awkward situations but those attempts only draw Tae-hee’s ire.
Source : MBC

Foto Film Queen of Reversals

Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 1
Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 1
Queen of Reversals
Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 2
Queen of Reversals Wallpaper
Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 3
Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 4
Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 4
Queen of Reversals 5
Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 5
Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 6
Queen of Reversals Wallpaper 6
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Episode 1 2010/10/18–9.6
Episode 2 2010/10/19–8.4
Episode 3 2010/10/25–8.8
Episode 4 2010/10/26–9.0
Episode 5 2010/11/1–8.5
Episode 6 2010/11/2–9.6
Episode 7 2010/11/8–10.0
Episode 8 2010/11/9–10.4
Episode 9 2010/11/15–13.8
Episode 10 2010/11/16–9.8

Episode 11 2010/11/22–9.2
Episode 12 2010/11/23–9.2
Episode 13 2010/11/29–9.2
Episode 14 2010/11/30–10.0
Episode 15 2010/12/6–9.2
Episode 16 2010/12/7–8.5
episode 17 2010/12/13–11.8
Episode 18 2010/12/14–12.8
Episode 19 2010/12/20–13.3
Episode 20 2010/12/21–14.6

Episode 21 2010/12/27–11.1
Episode 22 2010/12/28–14.6
Episode 23 2011/1/3–11.0
Episode 24 2011/1/4–11.9
Episode 25 2011/1/10–12.1
Episode 26 2011/1/11–12.8

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Video Queen of Reversals Trailer

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